Известные ботаники – Барнеби, Руперт (Rupert Barneby)

Барнеби, Руперт (Rupert Barneby)

Годы жизни (упоминания): 1911 - 2000

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Rupert Barneby was a venerable botanist of American Continent. His most enduring monuments are his "Pugillus Astragalorum" (1944 -48) and his "Atlas of North American Astragalus" (1964), the last comprehensive revision of the more widespread indigenous genus in U.S.A. Barbeby`s works show, that the astragalus floras of Eurasia and the Americas have long independent histories. Barneby`s taxonomical method was original in many respects, particularly in its point of view of connection the numbers in endemic American Astragalus form with phisical geology of the area, soil types and their physicochemical characteristics. Barneby`s revision of Astragalus in "Intermountain Flora" (Vol.3, Part B, 1989) is extraordinary rich in subtle and precise notes on the taxa as a result of the extensive field experience of their author. For many of his contemporaries and colleagues Rupert Barneby was the world`s most charming botanist. His personality and erudition made him many friends, especially in the field of Legume Systematics.

фото: Staff Photographers - The LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden

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